I’m back! 

It’s been a long time since my last post, I had been living with life and conquering health problems but I’m back. Through my journey back to health it brought me back to my hometown in NW PA, back close to family and to a simpler life. It feels good to be back to typing out words on this page and sharing my journey again.

After trying to do fitness on my own with no accountability or community around was a struggle. I’ve done a little bit here and there, from helping friends shovel horse poop to going for a short walk. Mostly I’ve been working on my lifestyle, rest, and getting back into a routine. I woke up this morning and knew I was ready to get back to community and fitness. 

Being in a small town it posses some limitations as far as gym memberships go-you have the YMCA, a globo gym, a PT place with a small gym, but we do have a CrossFit. I started at the Y for a month and that just didn’t give me a fulfillingness that I longed for in a training facility. I got out of my head and I hit the CrossFit gym in town, and instantly I felt at home. 

I was in my head a lot today, a new surrounding, new gym, and the first workout post surgery just 6-weeks prior. I chose to do the Weightlifting Class and personalize it to my needs using knowledge I gained from my CCP OPEX Program Design course. Going forward I’m going to program based off of the weightlifting program week by week. I listened to my body and did what I could tonight. Each day I’ll continue to listen to my body and push a little harder. 

I know it will take me some time to settle in, but I’m happy to grow, learn, and continue on my journey day by day. 



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One thought on “I’m back! 

  1. Welcome back!!! I just started back at CF about a month ago after a 7 month hiatus! You know…kid stuff and activities always come first!!!

    I’m feeling great about the community I’m in and the accountability that being in this environment give me!!

    Excited to see what you will do!!

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