I’m in a seminar called Beyond Fitness with Landmark and I’ve been bringing to life areas of vitality. The last few months as I have been healing from my partial thyroidectomy there’s been something holding be back or had me stuck around fitness. One of my greatest defaults is I am incredibly hard on myself and I mentally beat myself up causing myself to fall into a slump. We’re just a few weeks into the seminar and I’m seeing things open in my life like seeing the way I look at health and fitness in a whole new light. 

During the first week of the seminar we were to set an objective that would be something we’d have to fight to achieve. I set a really high unreasonable one of losing 80 pounds in 90 days. Through reflection and coaching it opened up for me that I set big goals because I know I’m always going to fail so why not do the same thing I’ve always done. No! I reassessed my situation and a goal that was right for me, I came up with losing 30 pounds and walking 30 minutes a day while eating Paleo. I’m a third of he way done!

This week the homework was to amp up your vitality. So today I hit a spin class for an hour…I pushed through the pain of my feet and my butt and spun for an hour. The best part of this class for me was the no judgement zone…come as you are..listen to your body. Plus the black light and rocking music made me want to peddle faster and harder! I ended up burning 890 calories in an hour! 

Bring vitality to your life and health, it will bring joy to your soul!


Published by Julie Kristine

My experience, struggles, strength, a full transparency of me.

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