Back on the wagon

I got news this week my thyroid is finally balanced out and working as if it was a complete unit. It’s been an emotional and rough journey, I know it’s not over but it’s time to start moving forward. My thyroid levels still needs to be checked every three months to make sure it’s balanced and clear. 

I’m not sure if you’ve ever had unbalanced hormones or not, but it is hard. I was trying to figure out why one day I wanted to sleep, why if someone talked in a mean tone or looked at me funny I busted out in tears, and why when I ate healthier my butt still grew. 

I am an addictive person, I’ve overcome chemical dependency before and everyday I struggle with a different type of dependency, sugar. It’s time to admit it, everyone knew it but I wasn’t able to admit it. Here I am, being vulnerable I am addicted to sugar in all forms..candy, ice cream, sugary coffee drinks, and anything sweet. 

When I got on the scale at the doctors and saw I was back up to 300 pounds my eyes had tears in them, I knew then it was time to quit dodging the bullet and to time to be healthy.

My goal is to be 180 pounds by this time next year, Jan 29, 2018. I know for me I have to focus on a day at a time. I know when I think about the future or that I’ve been good for a few days it can throw me into a loop and off the wagon per say.

Tomorrow is day 1 of my 21 day sugar detox. It will be shitty at times, but I want to live long!



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