From want to needed

At the end of my appointment this week, my doctor asked me what my diet looked like. I told her I started back on paleo just a few days prior to seeing her..she said good because your blood work shows you’re insulin resistant. You’ll have to be consistent on paleo because the medication I’m putting you on doesn’t tolerate a high fat diet…even some healthy fats may give you issues. 

So needless to say, I had to test it out…yep..sure enough I ate some junk food on Friday night and Saturday morning after I took the Metaformin I was in the bathroom. I’ve also noticed with it that unless I have large amounts of caffeine it makes me incredibly tired. This should be interesting at work. I’ll just drink a bunch of water and some coffee to stay awake. 

Food wise I had some slip ups this week, but I was pretty good. I didn’t order enough food so I found myself eating things I shouldn’t have been eating. This week I ordered all medium size meals and even a few breakfasts. I got a code for people at work to try it and who doesn’t love a discount! 

This week is a short week at work, I’m moving again into a space that will provide for some financial freedom and safety. Thankfully my parents are here to help some and support me in my adventurous life. I’m creating the possibility of being more on target around my food. Having healthy snacks to curb my hunger. 

Every step forward in the right direction is a gain, working on my consistentcy in small portions. My reward this week for less than 5 slip ups is a new Apple TV and a bigger TV. 😍

Create a great week!


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