My body is finally starting to work in harmony with itself even better than before. Through omitting allergy foods, adding some hormones to supplement what I don’t have and adding in Metaformin, it is finding balance together. I haven’t had a normal cycle in a long time, and when it hit today I couldn’t believe it…I knew I am balancing out and my body’s ecosystem is coming together whole. I am slowly starting to have more energy and I don’t get the high and low feeling of sugar crashes. 

Yesterday I walked a mile through the desert behind my condo exploring with Roguey it felt good to get the blood flowing, heart pumping, and just a little bit of sweat going on..it would be a great place to explore on my mountain bike or even pop the hammock for an afternoon. It was quite interesting to see pool chairs and lounges out there, looks like some homemade fire pits and evenings occur out there. 

I’ve shifted my eating slightly, more fruits/veggies and lighter on the protein/fats and my body seem to be responding better to it. I’m eating healthy but not specifically paleo or whole 30. I’m still doing food delivery, although I didn’t do it this week because I just have a bunch of food in the freezer. So I’ll be cooking for a week and that’s okay because I want to eat what I have. I’ll probably get creative with my instantpot and some fish. 

I was sick one day and then took two other days to move and spend time with my parents. They left today to head west before going back to PA, each time I see them they age more and more. It was so nice to have them here for awhile. 

Create a great week!


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