Fighting a silent fight

This past week was really rough for me and I know it’s not me, but my disease invading my body and nervous system. I acted out in ways I’m not proud and at times when I looked in the mirror it was a three headed dragon staring back at me. Then on top of it that monster choppped away at my hormones while feeding its soul as it put me on the verge of tears every second all while wiping away my energy and increasing my stress.

You see daily I fight off this monster called Hashimotos Disease…an autoimmune disease that’s a chronic illness, some days are really great and there are periods of weeks/months that it’s a struggle. As I get more educated about essential oils and their healing power I find strength with a combination of Joy and ImmunePower to get me through the rough days.

I do feel blessed to work for a wellness company that understands somewhat, but I know from experience it’s only a matter of time. I’m meeting with HR this week, I’m hoping a possible job shift will allow for me to work from home some days. 

I wrote up my plan for the year from now going forward, I am starting classes to get my health coaching certificate which will allow me down the line to work fully for myself or at least reduce my hours to part time. I didn’t think sales would be stressful, but the stress aggravates my anxiety which stresses me out’s a viscous cycle. 

But one thing I have learned through this journey is that my health comes first no matter what…that I am a fighter I try not to make excuses, but rather educate others or seek accommodation when needed. 

I will keep fighting this battle against Hashimotos and stand for others as well. 


Published by Julie Kristine

My experience, struggles, strength, a full transparency of me.

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