Day by day I’ve been tracking through this detox process from foods that have consumed my life, but brought me no nutritional value. Some days are easier than others, I’ve been told keep moving forward and after two weeks you won’t crave them anymore. 

I’m a week in and I’ve been consistently sticking with the plan. I’m using Heidi & Chris Powell’s Transformation App. I’ve been enrolling friends as support to help along the way, I’ve been listening to my body, and I’ve been doing water aerobics and swimming as my exercise so far. Today I’m adding in the workouts on the app, it’s great having everything in one place.

Instead of rewarding myself with food, I’ve been rewarding myself with things I need. Today’s the first reward and perhaps a little selfish…I’m getting my windows tinted just in time for summer. 😊 It gets so hot here in AZ in the summer..I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile, so it’s my reward for a week of staying consistent. The next big reward doesn’t come till June; a weekend away at the beach in Mexico.

Day by day I use the tools I’ve learned over the years and I keep moving onward. Yes, some days I want to eat junk, but I just remember my goal and my “why”. I know staying consistent in my health/fitness will help me become consistent in other areas of life too. 

In Strength! 


Published by Julie Kristine

My experience, struggles, strength, a full transparency of me.

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