Raw feelings

It’s day 5 of my sugar detox and I’d love to be able to say it’s roses and unicorns. I feel disappointed and emotionally unsupported by my family during this detox. I know they are old and I can’t retrain them and what I don’t understand is how insensitive they can be eat food in front Of me that I like and I can’t have.

This weekend they brought fast food home that I obviously can’t eat and besides eating it the house then smelled of this food the rest of the day. It was that day that rocked me and I knew I would have to start advocating for myself. They do at times eat what I eat if I cook..so that is nice. I can’t blame my mom she has dementia and can’t remember anything from one day to the next or after a few minutes. It’s hard too though because she will put food I can’t eat in front of my face or continue to ask me and question me why I can’t eat that way. My dad has tons of stuff patience, I don’t.

I found a few drinks I can have or essential oils I can put in my water. My collegan drink is my saving grace, but I’ve quickly learned I can’t drink it at night. I also love cinnamon bark oil in my tea and peppermint in my water. Hint water is great too! Saturday I made candies I can eat, so those are nice too.

I’ve decided I’m going back to Colorado, I’m not sure I made the best choice coming back. My doctor is in CO, my church and friends too. There is just something about the mountains and western culture that makes me feel more alive. My goal is to get back by April 1 at the latest.

This week as I progress through days 6 through 12 I am going to add in a morning & evening walk to get my blood flowing more. I’m also going to drink three bottles of water a day. I am going to continue advocating for myself and I am going to work on choosing my family for who they are and what they eat.


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