Creative Expression

There is just something for me when you pick the perfect brush, then swirl it around in the water while looking at the color palette letting the colors call to me. I drew out a week ago what I wanted to paint with watercolors, but I wasn’t feeling the energy to be creative and bring it to life.

This morning I woke up, feeling lighter from a solid nights sleep. I got the picture out, redrew it and then picked a few good brushes. I started with a light color because I knew I could layer on the colors to make it come to life. Painting for me has become a release. I’m learning to let go of what I hold onto and move that energy onto my canvas.

January 2021

I’ve never painted words with watercolors before, only acrylic paints. I found the watercolors to be more forgiving and allow me to write with more fluidity. As I painted this I felt my energies shift and I was able to get a clearer vision for what I am manifesting for my life.

Always find joy in the journey, this journey is for me to live! My journey is lively and has lots of twists and turns..but it is what makes me me…creativity is my joy!


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