Day 1 of 75

I made a goal to have all my water in by 3pm so I am not having to get up and pee all night long. I thought that was going to be the hardest thing for me, but I think the hardest thing is going to be the outdoor workouts. I live in Colorado, today it was maybe 50 degrees and windy as I did my outdoor workout and it was cold. I chose to do my outdoor workout at the dog park, so Rogue could get a little workout in too. The combination of the cold wind, not having proper cold weather clothes on, and still getting used to the altitude kicked my butt, but I know it will get better.

Today for my 45 minute workout, I started back with CrossFit. I love the community aspect of the box, there is such a family atmosphere and it is a great way to meet friends outside of church. Wow, that was an ass kicker too! I went to water aerobics this summer and did some yoga but nothing prepared me for the ass kicking I got today. I think I haven’t started over before is because I was scared. It is hard to get my bubbly butt off the couch and do stuff, but I couldn’t keep watching people’s progress wishing I was doing the same thing.

I’ve always been strong and resilient, but I knew I needed the mental aspect of 75 Hard just as much as the physical aspect. I have lost over a 100 pounds before and this time, I am staying off the scale and looking at my clothes and how my body changes. It is really easy for me to get hung up on the numbers and then that has in the past thrown off my progress.

For my workout at Koda CrossFit, I did what I could…which wasn’t much. I didn’t set myself up for success, because I have always done my AM workouts fasted. It was just about my eating time that the class started, so I know now I need to go early if I want to do a fasted workout.

Today’s WOD: the warm up was a 7 minute AMRAP at 65%: 10 T2B, 10 Cal Row, 15 lateral band walks, and a 200m run for which I did a 400m bike. Grip test, I did a two-handed hang for 10 seconds. Then for the other 7 minute AMRAP I did the Assult Bike at a Z1 pace as I was light headed and listening to my body.

I wouldn’t recommend drinking 50 ounces of water in 30 minutes…talk about a flush to the system! LOL!

Create a great day…tomorrow day 2!


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