What You Don’t Know

What you don’t know prior to me starting this challenge is that I have had cancer, I have multiple autoimmune diseases, and it’s been 4 years since I have done any real functional fitness training. I have done water aerobics and yoga, but not metcons or had a barbell in my hand in those 4 years.

I just completed a challenge from my church, Flatirons which I love! I did lose 25 pounds which I wrote about prior. I thought why not try the 75 Hard?! I like to be a badass…but my body has been fighting me along the way this week saying FU! I had an old coach reach out to me after seeing my start of the 75 Hard challenge and said, remember your adrenal glands are sensitive, don’t fry them again. He’s right, I do sometimes forget about my invisible diseases when I am feeling good. I will conquer that challenge, but I have to wait till my body is used to the altitude, working out again and stronger.

I am still a badass, I daily fight invisible diseases, I have won a battle against cancer and I am working on improving myself to be the best version of me! I can’t modify the challenge to be my version, I know I am not a failure, I am a winner for doing what is best for my body. I will still go to CrossFit 5-6 times a week and I am still drinking my gallon of water and eating paleo. My body just isn’t ready for two workouts per day everyday.

I told one of the coaches today, I have a goal for the EOY:

1- master a soft 20 inch box jump

2 – get to 250 by EOY (didn’t share that)

Listen to your body, this is your journey to health…make it yours!


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