Day 2/75

It is the last day of fall break! I will be interesting once school starts up next week how I manage my challenge. I am almost done with everything today, just 30 ounces of water to go. Everything f@$king hurts! I got on the scale today and I discovered that I lost 25 pounds on the 35 day challenge that I did through Flatirons Church and the only fitness I was doing was giving up something, won’t tell..I ate a clean diet and did some sort of fitness for 15 minutes. I have since readjusted my goal, to 250 by EOY (end of year).

WOD: The box is doing testing, which I love because it is a great way to see improvement! I might have to look at the other tests they did this week and do one of them for my Sunday workout, right now I am just taking a day at a time. For my 1RM for Bench Press I did 85, which I was pretty happy with. My back is still a little mad, perhaps sleeping on the floor on my mattress and because of my inflamed disc from many moons ago. I need to find some dry needling or cupping because that is what keeps that in line.

Day 2 mind bump, I am kicking myself for starting this challenge now and not waiting till Spring after I have been working out for a while, but I know I can do it…slow and steady wins the race. If you have any suggestions on what do outside beside walk or hike, please let me know. I might look at getting a bicycle, that would be a good alternative too.

I am thankful that I got the box that I did, everyone is so friendly and supportive. It is nice being around people that understand the OPEX methodology too, I have been blessed by my time with them and I have learned so much. Now to work towards applying to my life again.

Create a great day!


Hard Things

I can do hard things! I am have taught in the classroom during this plandemic, I have overcome life challenges, and I am just wrapping up a 35 day challenge through my church. Tomorrow I am embarking on two things that are hard and will shape me mentally, physically, and emotionally. Tomorrow I am staring 75 hard and starting back into working out twice a day. I know it is going to challenge me in every way possible.

I am starting back to CrossFit tomorrow because I am tired of feeling tired and not being able to do the things I want to do. I miss having the functional strength to carry heavy things like multiple bags of groceries or lifting something heavy into the car. While I love my curves, I am tired of feeling fluffy. To make the start of something new more exciting, I am starting 75 Hard!

For my 75 Hard meal plan I will be doing Paleo, I have done it before and I very familiar with the process of it. My favorite way to do it is to make a stew for the week and eat that as well as meal prep. I work remotely, so that is a blessing and a curse, but I plan on doing my outdoor workouts on my breaks during school, it will be good for Rogue and I. It is almost snowy season here in Colorado, so I will be stocking up on some outdoor gear. Do you have any favorites?

I am going to be blogging my journey of getting back to CrossFit and doing 75 Hard. There are 79 days left until NYE and my goal is to be under 300 by then!

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