All my life I have struggled with weight; at my thinnest I was 110 pounds and at my heaviest I was 330. Anchor of Strength is my journey. 
In 2013 I decided to get consistent with my nutrition and fitness. By the end of the year I was able to lose 100 pounds. With that loss has made me love my body more than I have in many years. Writing for me is a way to share my training, fears, goals, and ways I have overcome and become stronger physically and mentally.

Taking a “leap of faith” and moving 2500 miles away to a “healthy” city, has me chasing and pursuing my dream of being a coach. Where I don’t have the experience of actual coaching I make up for it with passion, dedication, and perseverance. I love sharing the knowledge I have learned from OPEX (http://www.opexfit.com) as well as sharing my journey with others. 

When I made the move to AZ, I thought it would be easy to step into a coaching role. As I’ve quickly learned it isn’t at all. Through the life coaching I receive from my coach Mike Lee at OPEX, he’s challenged me to pursue my passion of helping others outside the box of just being a coach. 

Recently I’ve been pursuing positions outside of the Scottsdale area that align to my highest values. One of the best tools that has been a key in my journey is Dr. John Dimartinis Higharchy of Values. Are you  truly aligning your life to what you are passionate about? For me it has been a struggle, but it has also made me a stronger person.
My journey is ever evolving, there is no end but just a different path I go down. While I’ve gained back some of the weight I first lost due to my thyroid giving up a little fight, I am becoming more and more aware of my body and my body’s needs.
Writing is my medicine and the words across these pages are my journey. I love writing and sharing my fitness journey, life pieces, things I’ve learned, and I’m trying to be more vulnerable with my feelings. My hope is that you’ll learn and be able to relate to my journey while you live yours. 

Beyond positive thinking is positive believing!


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