Let the Journey Begin

The next 60 days I will be embarking on a sugar free way of eating

I will be blogging recipes, my emotions, quotes, and I invite you to follow this journey to me getting back to feeling good again.


Force Myself

You know when you have those days, the bed feels cozy..I just don’t want go to the box, but I did! You know I looked at the workout and I kinda freaked out, but I conquered it! For the WOD: A: 8 minute AMRAP 1 burpee, 200m bike then add a burpee each time. B:…

New Routine

Today, I started my school routine, wake up at 6 am, take Rogue out, head to the box. Come home and have my protein shake, relax, and teach remotely all day. Then take Rogue to the dog park and walk. It’s barely 8pm and I’m sorry tired and ready to start a new day. Short…

Where strength meets health

This journey as any journey will be grueling at times and my hope is that you will come along for the ride or share my journey with someone you know so together we can be a support for one another.

With this journey as all my work I have done, I will use the power of positivity and words to affirm my life and get me through this hurdle that has been a long time coming.

Words of Affirmation:

I am in control of my choices.

I have power over my impulses.

I choose to stop eating sugar.

I can quit eating sugar easily.

I am in control of what I eat.

I am free from my sugar cravings.

I can easily resist sugar.

I deserve to be healthy.

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