Day 2/75

It is the last day of fall break! I will be interesting once school starts up next week how I manage my challenge. I am almost done with everything today, just 30 ounces of water to go. Everything f@$king hurts! I got on the scale today and I discovered that I lost 25 pounds on the 35 day challenge that I did through Flatirons Church and the only fitness I was doing was giving up something, won’t tell..I ate a clean diet and did some sort of fitness for 15 minutes. I have since readjusted my goal, to 250 by EOY (end of year).

WOD: The box is doing testing, which I love because it is a great way to see improvement! I might have to look at the other tests they did this week and do one of them for my Sunday workout, right now I am just taking a day at a time. For my 1RM for Bench Press I did 85, which I was pretty happy with. My back is still a little mad, perhaps sleeping on the floor on my mattress and because of my inflamed disc from many moons ago. I need to find some dry needling or cupping because that is what keeps that in line.

Day 2 mind bump, I am kicking myself for starting this challenge now and not waiting till Spring after I have been working out for a while, but I know I can do it…slow and steady wins the race. If you have any suggestions on what do outside beside walk or hike, please let me know. I might look at getting a bicycle, that would be a good alternative too.

I am thankful that I got the box that I did, everyone is so friendly and supportive. It is nice being around people that understand the OPEX methodology too, I have been blessed by my time with them and I have learned so much. Now to work towards applying to my life again.

Create a great day!

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